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It's really a great resource you did, thanks for sharing it ! Would you be ok if I translate it into French and share ? The antifa dungeons would surely interest people near me :)

(sorry for the public posting, I couldn't find any other way to contact you)

Sure, go for it! I have the "uncopyright" stamp there, people can do with the text as they like!

Great ! I'll add a link to it here once translated then :)


Finally catching up on things, and this looks super dope!


I am so in love with this! I have been working on a hack for a couple of weeks and I would love to include this into it because it fits perfectly with the kind of subversions I am hoping to provoke! I could send the drafts to you inf you want!


I used the CC0 "do whatever you want, you don't even have to attribute" license, so do as you please! I'd be happy to look at whatever you feel like sharing, though!

I'll send you a message with some pages later, whenever I can. in the meantime, I did setup a placeholder page with some insight into the game:

Hey there! Here it is.


I love me some antifascist games. They’re so cathartic. I can’t wait to try this out later. 

I already read the document and I really like what I see. 

Thanks for making this. :)


Fuck YES.